RCA ANT751R Outdoor Optimized Digital Antenna

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RCA ANT751R Outdoor Optimized Digital Antenna Description

Digital Compact Outdoor Yagi Antenna, Includes Mast & Hardware. Effective Up To 40 Mile Radius Of Broadcast Signal, Optimized For Digital Reception, Receives Local HD & All Digital & Analog TV Broadcasts, Supports Broadcast 1080 HDTV, Outperforms Many Larger Outdoor Antennas. Adapts To Almost Any Outdoor Or Attic, Setting With Ultra Compact Design, Simplifies Installation With Preassembled Design, Snap Lock Elements & Easy Fold Out Assembly, Withstands Tough Outdoor Conditions With Superior Construction & Materials Heavy Duty Locking Mast Clamp Cross Phase Multi-Element Design, Includes Mounting Hardware & 75 Ohm Matching Transformer, If There Are Ghost Producing Reflective Structures Near TV Receiver Antenna Location, This Kind Of Antenna Is Best For Yellow, Green, Light Green & Red Color Code Areas, Amplified Antennas With Rooftop Mounting Can Be Used With The Blue Color Code,1 Year Limited Warranty. Digital compact outdoor yagi antenna, includes mast & hardware. Effective up to 40 mile radius of broadcast signal, optimized for digital reception, receives local hd & all digital & analog tv broadcasts, supports broadcast 1080 hdtv, outperforms many larger outdoor antennas. Adapts to almost any outdoor or attic, setting with ultra compact design, simplifies installation with preassembled design, snap lock elements & easy fold out assembly, withstands tough outdoor conditions with superior construction & materials heavy duty locking mast clamp cross phase multi-element design, includes mounting hardware & 75 ohm matching transformer, if there are ghost producing reflective structures near tv receiver antenna location, this kind of antenna is best for yellow, green, light green & red color code areas, amplified antennas with rooftop mounting can be used with the blue color code,1 year limited warranty.

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