Back Support Kit

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Back Support Kit Description

A Depth-Adjustable Bracket Kit Designed to Add Additional Support to a 2-Post Relay Rack. Back Support Kit consists of two bracket-sets that can have their length adjusted from 20 inches to 34 inches in one-inch increments. Use Back Support Kits to support a 2-post rack to the wall for extra stability, or to convert two 2-post racks into one 4-post rack. Wall Support for Extra Stability – Use one Back Support Kit to connect to the top of a relay rack and support it to the wall for added stability. – Use two (2) Back Support Kits to connect to the top and bottom of a relay rack and support it to the wall for added stability. Convert 2-Post Rack to a 4-Post Rack – Use two (2) or three (3) Back Support Kits to connect to the front of a 2-post relay rack, connecting the other end of the Back Support Kits’ arms to the back of another 2-post relay rack, forming a rigid 4-post open rack with an adjustable depth of up to 40-inches (Assuming the 2-post relay rack’s uprights are 3-inches deep). Whether your 2-post rack is fitted with #10-32, #12-24, or square mounting holes, Back Support Kit is compatible with any 2-post Telco rack that supports mounting holes on both sides of its uprights.

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